In which I in no way try to distract you

I realized last week that I hadn’t posted anything in over a month and a half.



As you’ve seen in my Instagram feed, there’s been a lot of sickness in our little family lately. Respiratory infections, stomach illnesses, mystery rashes, strep… you name it and we seem to have caught it. Our immune systems can’t seem to fully recover from the last thing before we get hit with the new thing.

Part of that I’m sure is that both of us spend time around small children, who are basically adorable petri dishes. I’m thinking that by the time Jonathan hits five, I’ll be immune to everything and basically live forever.

Part of my problem is also that I overthink things. I tell myself that I need to have the perfect photos, and perfect branding and post at the perfect time and everything needs to be, well perfect before I hit the publish button. Part of that is my own neuroses rearing their ugly little heads, but if I’m being totally honest part of it, much like the saying goes, is procrastination.

My whole purpose of this was to post about real life with a real, weird family, and I’ve done the exact thing I warn against and perfectionisted myself into a corner.

So while I might rebrand things 47 million times in an effort to make things look right (or at least right-er to my OCD brain), I’m going to push myself to just post things already. To just keep writing and not constantly try to either go profound or go home, so to speak. I’ll keep playing at the design and poking the CSS until it bites back, but I’m going to do my very best not to let those things stay my excuses for procrastinating or ignoring the reasons I started this in the first place.

Thanks for being so patient with me. This is a much more attractive apology than I could offer.  The Hiddles makes all ok.